Dry skin is a very common skin condition that may occur in all ages and at any time, especially in the winter season. Dry skin becomes more susceptible to itching, flaking and cracking as a result of moisture loss.
Dry skin can be classified as internal and external because of hereditary factor or environmental factor. No matter what kinds of dry skin, it is very essential to keep skin well moisturized in skin care. Luckily, many dry skin types are within control. Dimyth’s hydrating facial treatment offers a perfect solution aimed at dry skin, deeply hydrating your skin, making your skin fresher, softer and smoother.


Hydrating Facial

  • Combined with Supersonic Technology.
  • Optimistic Market Expectation.
  • Sino-South Korea Technology.
  • Non-invasive, Painless and Bloodless Therapy.
  • Hydrating Facial Without Needles of Any Kind.